Lipstick Love Affair Series

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Guess what?! I love lipstick! Like really, though. Lipstick is one of the easiest cosmetic choices that can take your look from day to night, change your mood from subdued to bold and add some visual interest in a flash, which is why I plan to report to you on my personal favourite lipsticks, formula …

Ingredient Spotlight, Elevate

Active ingredients are the driving powerhouses found in skin, hair and body care products in the beauty and anti-aging industry. Recognizing this, as editor-in-chief of Elevate, I created Spotlight, the final page of each print issue, to educate our reader about an up and coming ingredient to look for in their product purchases. In creating …

Beauty Shop, Elevate

Beauty Shop is a recurring visual product feature found in each issue of Elevate that ilustrates a product trend in the beauty industry. These features were created in collaboration with art director Suzanne Lacorte and product photographers Joe Saraceno and Paul Chmieloweic.