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Beauty Blog

Lipstick Love Affair Series

Guess what?! I love lipstick! Like really, though. Lipstick is one of the easiest cosmetic choices that can take your look from day to night, change your mood from subdued to bold and add some visual interest in a flash, which is why I plan to report to you on my personal...

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Welcome to Mindful Glam

I’m thrilled to finally present this labour of love that I’ve been working on over the past year.  Mindful Glam was born out of the governing passions in my own life, my desire to write about the topics and daily musings that excite me deep down in my soul and a need to s...

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Wellness Blog

How The Five Minute Journal improved my Mindset

So lets gets to it: I have an anxiety disorder and a history of clinical depression. Over the past two years I’ve been weaning off medications and also been working with my naturopath, therapist and reiki practitioner for three plus years to make healthier lifestyle...