Up Close with Eddie and Eric of L’Oreal Paris, Anokhi Media

Eric Del Monaco and Eddie Malter, lead hair and makeup artists for L’Oréal Paris talk about their creative inspirations for the 19th week of Toronto’s LG Fashion Week for the Spring 2012 print edition of Anokhi Magazine.

Mickey Contractor Interview, Anokhi Media

In the summer of 2011, I interviewed the iconic Bollywood makeup artist Mickey Contractor when he came to Toronto for the 12th Internationa Indian Film Awards (IIFA).  Contractor launched a limited edition collaboration with M.A.C Cosmetics featuring concealers designed for South Asian skin tones.

Celebrity Radar, Elevate

In each print issue of Elevate, the Celeb Radar page reported on the latest on Hollywood beauty collaborations, recent plastic surgery enhancements and A-listers who aged gracefully. Here are some of my favourite news sections that I put together throughout 2015 to 2016.