Healthy Living Reimagined

A brief introduction to aromatherapy with Jean-Pierre LeBlanc of  Vancouver’s Saje Natural Wellness and Julie Clark, founder of Toronto’s holistic skincare brand Provence Apothecary.  This story was published in Elevate‘s March/April 2015 wellness section.

The Wonder of Beauty Sleep

An in-depth examination of the scientific basis behind the concept beauty sleep. In this feature for the Holiday 2016 issue of Elevate, I interviewed two experts on the beauty and wellness benefits of getting good quality sleep.

Eczema and its relationship to Stress

Eczema, an inflammatory skin disease has a variety of causes related to our environment, stress and other health concerns. In this story I  uncovered some of these causes by talking two skin expertsm while also showcasing products to soothe eczema for both the skin and scalp.