It was an absolute pleasure to work with Amanpreet. Professional, reliable and result-driven, I have nothing but praises to say about Amanpreet. I would work with her again anytime. Axelle Techer, Senior Director, Middle Child – October 11, 2022


I’ve known Amanpreet Dhami for many years. First, as my beauty editor for Anokhi Magazine, since then she has grown into a strong leader and ferocious editor helming the editorial content for Elevate as the Editor-In-Chief. As a freelancer myself, I am amused at the role reversal which has taken place, where currently I would pitch and write features for her magazine. As my editor I felt that her instructions were concise and she had a solid understanding of the needs of her writers as well as that of her magazine for which she leads. It’s always a pleasure to work for her and with her when it comes to navigating the Canadian publishing landscape.Hina P. Ansari, writer, editor and producer, – April 6, 2017

As a colleague Amanpreet is a consumate professional with a passion, drive and enthusiasm for all aspects of the beauty and wellness industry. When it comes to approaching new projects, Amanpreet articulates her thoughts and ideas in a effective manner while offering critical yet constructive feedback when required. Basically she’s amazing!Anna Lee Boschetto, editor-in-chief, Salon Magazine, April 7, 2017

Amanpreet Dhami is a skilled writer, stylist and art director who is always on top of the current trends both in beauty and fashion. Her warm personality permeates everything she does which makes her a joy to work with.Diana Carreiro, Professional Makeup and Hair Artist, – April 9, 2017

Amanpreet is a professional, organized and proficient freelance writer. I am always impressed with her proposals and final submissions, which demonstrate her knowledge of news, trends and products in such a fast-paced industry. She has made my job a lot easier!Jessica Desjardins, Founder & Director of – January 22, 2015

I had the opportunity to work with Amanpreet on the Home Depot Garden Club and Home Improver Club websites. From content creation and detailed site audits to brainstorming meetings and QA, Amanpreet was always a valuable and reliable resource. Her strong work ethic, warm demeanor and ability to work with a wide range of personalities make her a valuable member of any editorial team.Kyle Gordon – October 9, 2011, worked with Amanpreet as editor at Totem Content TC Media, now content and communications manager at

Amanpreet is a skilled and proficient writer and editor with a keen eye and understanding for the beauty industry. She has innovative ideas when it comes to creating content and provides constructive feedback when editing work, whether it’s re-working copy or providing suggestions for angles.Ashley Kowalewski freelance editor and writer, campaign manager at Platform Media & Management, freelance contributor for Elevate – March 30, 2017

Amanpreet is a pleasure to work for. She is organized and detail oriented and always goes above and beyond the scope of work. Her easy-going attitude is refreshing in such a stressful deadline driven industry. I would highly recommend Amanpreet for any position.Suzanne Lacorte, August 2, 2015, former art director at Elevate, art director at Quebecor

Amanpreet is always the kind of writer and editor you want to work with, outside of the norm of tough and hard-lined personalities, she always conducts her work through kindness and intelligence – a pleasure to work with and highly respected for her high standards of ethics, methods and end product, I look forward to continuing to work with her in the near future.Ajay Lad, colleague and former art director at Anokhi Media, creative director at Connexion 4 Media – March 28, 2015

Amanpreet Dhami speaks with knowledge and confidence about the latest advances in beauty and wellness. She easily breaks down complex ingredient lists, translating information to bite-sized facts that allow readers to break through the details and discover the benefits. As a mentor, she offers honest, constructive feedback in an approachable manner that allows me to improve my skills without becoming discouraged. It has been a pleasure working and growing with her.Erin Torrance, former Digital Editor at Elevate and Salon Magazine, now freelance writer and editor – April 9, 2017

Amanpreet is a very detailed and organized editor. She’s passionate about learning, and she’s extremely dedicated to every task she takes on. She is focused on doing her absolute best. She receives feedback positively and strives to continually grow. She is a true pleasure to work with!Denise Wild, September 9, 2014, supervised Amanpreet when she was Junior Beauty Editor at Anokhi Media

I have had the pleasure of working with Amanpreet for several years at different companies. In both instances, I immediately admired and respected her passion for editorial and her professionalism. Not only can she successfully package all types of content, but also she happily contributes new ideas and tackles any task asked of her with enthusiasm and poise. Aside from her creativity, she is also incredibly organized, and is excellent at managing people and large projects. She has helped me successfully plan projects and presentations, and continually contributes to my professional development. Her drive, work ethic and people skills also make her a true pleasure to work with. I have learned so much from her, and can say, without a doubt, that she would be a valuable asset to any company that chose to hire her. I don’t think there’s anything she can’t do.Jillian Wood, former digital editor at Elevate and Salon, content marketing manager at Influitive – July 5, 2014