I’m thrilled to finally present this labour of love that I’ve been working on over the past year.  Mindful Glam was born out of the governing passions in my own life, my desire to write about the topics and daily musings that excite me deep down in my soul and a need to share this joy with others.

What is Mindful Glam?

Well, it’s my personal philosophy of a fulfilled and happy life that unites inner and outer beauty, spiritual and physical satisfaction, a sense of peace and happiness and a thirst to constantly reach for new goals and experiences.

I’ve been working in the Canadian media industry for seven years now writing and directing stories and creative projects in the areas of beauty, style, fashion, wellness and lifestyle. As I’ve evolved as a person and a content creator, the topics that always pulled the most at my heart strings and kept me engaged intellectually had two sides to it: A physical pleasure principle (A killer lipstick and a pair of stylish, but sensible shoes are my jam) and a deeper meaning of giving back to the world, whether it was in the form of one person benefitting from the holistic aspects of a beauty product or a sustainable mindset behind a particular brand or big idea. Recognizing this, I created this blog to be able to write about the topics that personally inspire me, excite me on an aesthetic level, keep me grounded and finally, fuel my success as a woman on a daily basis. I can’t wait to continue to share the Mindful Glam mantra with my community of readers.

MG Mantra

The Mindful Glam woman embraces a holistic lifestyle that allows her to flourish both on the outside and the inside. By empowering the modern woman on a path to inner peace and confidence through beauty, wellness and lifestyle inspiration, Mindful Glam channels a state of inner happiness, outward confidence and straight up girl boss magnetism.

The Mindful Glam Pillars

The core values and principles of Mindful Glam provide a glimpse into the topics I’ll be sharing with you.


A positive and strong mindset built on fierce confidence, real compassion and hard work. This mindset permeates everything I do, both here and in my real life, in the hopes of inspiring others to do the same in their own way.


Fuelling the body on the outside with badass beauty rituals, an empowering style sense, sound fitness and nutrition practices and always remembering to treat yourself because you deserve it.


Nourishing the soul and inner self through alternative healing, illuminating knowledge and an appreciation of sustainability.


A sense of communal love for the likeminded tribe of Mindful Glam women. I aim for this to be a digital destination where women can discover enlightening topics, learn about other inspiring women and feel confident to share their true views and thoughts. Mindful Glam is a positive and accepting space.

I can’t wait to continue spreading the MG mantra and sharing my world with you! Thanks for stopping by and let me know what you think in the comments below or my dropping me a line.